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608 downloads! thread
Big news! The addon has gone public!!! thread
Current menu structure... improvements? thread
Here's the XML, using a search plug-in builder thread
If you are running WDM 1.3 or earlier... thread
Link from Firefox extensions website thread
Now Firefox 4 compatible thread
Pre release. v0.9 thread
Sections and sites thread
Testing Wikidot extensions thread
v0.9 Has been submitted to AMO thread
v1.0 Testing testing... is this thing on? thread
v1.0 The one and only. thread
v1.1 New menu item thread
v1.2 Let's ignore that last one :) thread
v1.2 Updated account links and moved them out of the sub-menu thread
v1.3 It's all about looks. thread
v1.4 Just an update because of the new site name thread
v1.5 Added localization files. thread
version 1.1 should be live on AMO soon thread
WDM is now deprecated thread
WDM is now on AMO... OMG LOL! thread
WDTB has passed Firefox 6 validation thread
What do you think of the site title and logo? thread
Why the toolbar button exists... thread
Wikidot Extender thread
Wikidot Extender tool


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