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First of all, you suggest that this forum section is for all Chrome extensions. I suggest having a different forum section for each one or once people start to post problems/suggestions it could become quite confusing.

Secondly, the idea of this site is to be the home for all tools for wikidot and provide a place to discuss each one. You say that you like each extension to have it's own "micro site" but this now means that the Wikidot Extender has three pages:

Which I think is a bit overkill. Obviously you are free to do as you wish.

Also I noticed on the official chrome extension page for the extender: none of the links lead to this site. If you stick with having your own site for the extension, is there much point in it featuring on this site? It will never be found here.

I believe that keeping it simple and having one place to find these tools is the best way to go and if you are that desperate to have an editable page for each tool: I'm sure we could sort something like that out here.

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