v1.5 Added localization files.

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wstonewstone wrote on 1259068669|%e %b, %H:%M (%O ago)

I have added the localization files for en-US but is now ready to accept other locales if people would like it. Polish? French? Anyway, here's the list of strings and if people would like a translation added to the next version, comment with the appropriate translations.

"ListPages Module"
"Account Summary"
"Private Messages"
"Site Structure"
"Layout Reference"
"Wikidot.com" This can probably be left as it is :D

v1.5 will be on AMO soon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/51158/

Oh, yeah: Can somebody pleeeeeeeeeeeeease test this on a Mac and Linux and let me know if it works by posting to this forum, thanks.

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